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Boarding without Borders in Jordan

This piece originally appeared in The Huffington Post. – The skateboarding scene in the Arab world is spreading far and wide. Now, dedicated skaters are close to building Jordan’s first crowdfunded skatepark for refugees and local communities. Arriving in the country at the start of the millennium, skateboarding began to thrive in the fringes; only … Continue reading

London Cab Protest Causes Gridlock

The following piece was written as part of bootcamp week for my MA in International Journalism course. We will be expected write a short 300 word London news story every week from September, with sources verified. — London cab drivers have staged a mass protest against unregulated taxis, rickshaws and ride-sharing services working in the … Continue reading

Voluntourism as Neoliberal Humanitarianism

Originally posted on ZERO ANTHROPOLOGY:
The following is an extract from Tristan Biehn’s chapter, “Who Needs Me Most? New Imperialist Ideologies in Youth-Centred Volunteer Abroad Programs,” published in Good Intentions: Norms and Practices of Imperial Humanitarianism (Montreal: Alert Press, 2014), pp. 77-87: Overview: Tristan Biehn examines the new imperial ideologies present in narratives manufactured by…

The Defender: the smart pepper spray device that photographs your assailant

My piece on a controversial high-tech pepper spray making waves on Indiegogo was published in The Guardian‘s women’s blog. — This new device links to your smartphone and transmits a picture of attacker to the authorities when deployed. But is this the right approach for preventing harassment and assault? From faux-phone stun guns to lipstick … Continue reading

The woman turning arms fairs into art

My piece/interview with Jill Gibbon was published in the Guardian. You can read it online as well.

My First Name Ain’t Baby: ‘Hey Baby’ and Street Harassment

Originally posted on Liat Kaplan:
I heart NY. I really, truly do. However, when I leave to return to school in late August, I know I’ll breathe a sigh of relief. No more constant hot urine smell in the subways. No more swimming upstream against massive crowds heading in the opposite direction. And most importantly,…

Brian Eno condemns Israeli action in Gaza as ‘ethnic cleansing’

This piece originally appeared in the Guardian. — The producer took to David Byrne’s website to write an open letter, characterising Israel’s military action against Palestine as a ‘colonialist war’ by a ‘ragingly racist theocracy’ The producer and musician Brian Eno has penned an open letter addressing the current crisis in Gaza, which heavily criticises … Continue reading

“I’m Not A Chandelier!”: Moroccan Women March For Gender Equality

This piece also appeared on The Urban Times. – Earlier this week, more than 100 Moroccan women gathered outside the Parliament in Rabat to protest against comments made by Prime Minister Benkirane on the role and status of women in modern society. Benkirane, who is head of the Islamist coalition government in Morocco and leader of the … Continue reading

High-Flying Saudi Woman Becomes Second In The Country To Receive A Pilot’s License

This piece also appeared on The Urban Times. – 20-year-old Yasmeen Muhammad Yusuf Al-Maimani has successfully received her commercial pilot license, making her the second Saudi woman to do so after Hanadi Zakaria Al-Hindi. Al-Hindi gained her own license earlier this year, and became the first Saudi woman to be allowed to fly an airplane within the Kingdom. Al-Maimani has followed in … Continue reading

Luxembourg Is The Latest Country To Approve Same-Sex Marriage And Adoption Rights

This piece also appeared in Urban Times. – Last Wednesday, Luxembourg became the latest European nation to equalise same-sex marriage as well as adoption rights for wedded gay couples. The bill was passed in the Chamber of Deputies by a vote of 56-4 and the new rules will be brought into effect by early 2015. Before the vote, Schutz fir d’Kand (Protector of the … Continue reading